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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Very early. 2/09/06

I had planed to get into the shed this morning ,have a clean up and make some room to get a start.

I have just been called into work now, so again those plans are gone.

I have been keeping my eye on the weather and today is going to be 28 deg c .
I am still concerned about the humidity over here.It doesn't seem to drop below 65% in the shed,although it does remain pretty stable.

I know after talking to people I might be worrying about nothing at all,but I am a bit of a perfectionest and like trying to do things the right way.

I am still thinking about building a small room in the shed,and putting in a cheap dehimidifier.Only problem is I cant find a CHEAP dehumidifier.

I am very interested in what other guys do with this problem.

Its funny ,I read Teds posts,,One of the aussie guys on and he has got right into it without any stuffing around.

He has kind of inspired me to get started (Thanks Ted) and stop procrastinating (I think thats how its spelt).

Oh well off to work for the day!


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