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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Starting the finish -Long time between drinks!

Well between work (you wouldn't do it if it wasn't for the money) and the weather (over 300mm of rain in a week) I finally found some hours to get back into the shed today.

I sanded the guitar down but the spruce top has some dark marks in it which I don't like.

I had sanded over the Rosette and this has stained the spruce top.It looks like its kind of set into the grain.

I decided to put a "spit" coat of Shelac on and it looked like garbage.

I have now sanded it right back, but I dont know if I should keep sanding or not.

I am starting to realise that this is never going to be the perfect guitar.


Anonymous Ted said...

"The Perfect Guitar" - Does it exhist? I am looking forward to seeing your final product.

June 30, 2007 11:10 pm  
Blogger Greg said...

Hi Ted.

I too am looking forward to the final product!

This will be an antique by the time its done.

July 01, 2007 7:08 pm  
Blogger David said...

That was a hard realization for me on my first, and second.... and third that it would not be perfect. Not even close. Everyone kept saying not to expect the first few to be 'perfect' (are any of them really perfect?) and it took me a while to get it through my thick skull that until I get a lot of builds under my belt, they will all have flaws. Fortunately, my third finished instrument has fewer flaws than the first, and I expect that my 4th will have less than the 3rd.

Keep it up, take more pictures, and realize that when you are finished, you will have an instrument that will quickly become your favorie simply because you built it, and it was your first.

July 06, 2007 5:50 am  

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