This blog is about the construction of my acoustic guitar kit and any other guitars that I decide to build I have built a couple of electrics but this is a big step,forward - I hope!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Finish started.

Well I have finally got a good start on French polishing the guitar.I am using Z Poxy as a grain filler and then Hard Shellac....

I have just finished a French Polishing course, and with the teacher there, is wasn't too bad.In fact I polished up a piece of American Mahogany (Future electric body) and it has come up like glass .

I am struggling with the hard shellac.I was told that it would be a BIG learning curve and let me say it is.

The neck is looking OK but I am concerned about the top.

The good thing is it is possible to give it a sand back and start again.(From experience already)

I will post some pics soon.


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