This blog is about the construction of my acoustic guitar kit and any other guitars that I decide to build I have built a couple of electrics but this is a big step,forward - I hope!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Set Up

Well its been a few weeks now that the guitar has been strung up .

I am not sure that I have it set up properly , although I have followed the info that came with itand artlicles that are on the net.

I still have the action set a bit high .

It doesn't sound too bad ,but it does seem to be lacking something (Might be my attempt at playing it too) and the intonation on the low E string is a little out.

I am tossing up now if I should keep "fiddling" with it, or take it and get it set up or, at least played and looked at by sombody else.

This really sound like a Cop Out hey!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Pics

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Making music (Kind of)

I have been playing around with the setup for the last few days and I think I am pretty close now. This is a learning curve on its own!

I did have a problem with the intonation but adjusting the saddle and nut a little (and I mean a little) seems to have solved that problem.

I am going to leave it now for a few weeks then go back and finish it all off.

I am still having problems with it staying in tune,but this may settle down with time??

I picked up some U-BEAUT Ultra Shine polish and gave the body a bit of a touch up with it.This stuff really put a shine back into the finish and I am going to try it on some bone to see if it will polish up.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Strung up

I have now shaped the bridge and strung the guitar up.I decided to make up a new nut (which was easier the 3rd time around) because the other one had a crack in it.

The guitar at the moment is all over the place and won't stay in tune.I am going to leave it sit for a week or so ,then go back and attempt to set it up.

This will give me some time to read up a bit on set ups.
I am not real sure about the height of the bridge etc .The Stewmac instructions are good but a bit more info would be good.

I have ordered Bill Cory's book which may give me some more detail on the subject.