This blog is about the construction of my acoustic guitar kit and any other guitars that I decide to build I have built a couple of electrics but this is a big step,forward - I hope!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Neck and tail blocks glued up

Amazing what can be done with a day or two off. I got the tail and neck block glued up.
The glue dried pretty quick so I hope it all lined up and comes out OK

I ended up trimming up the tail block to fit .Stewmac say that the sides may have shrunk a little but I think that the tail block may have been off a dreadnaught kit.

Finally getting a start

Well I have come to the conlusion that life is busy! Trying to get a few hours is not as easy as it sounds.

Any way, I finally got a start on the guitar yesterday.I layed it all out only to find that the tail block is too long.I am not sure if its something I am missing or doing wrong, but I will wait to see what the guys on

have to say.
I realise that it looks easy on the video and in the manual,but an extra set of hands would be great when it comes to gluing it up!

I also have found that the room that I built is OK but could have been about twice the size.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekends go too quick

Well I have been trying to get this shed/room sorted out -This project was bigger than I ever thought. !!

Hi Ted,
Here is a picture of the inside and the door going into it,but as you can see,its still not finished.

The room is only about 4 sq mts but at least I can keep it seperate from all the other happenings in the garage.

I suppose now that I dont have to worry too much about the humidity etc,I can get a start on the kit,and leave it for a while if I am busy at work

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A tower would be quicker!!

Well I have finished my out of town work for a little while so hopefully I will be able to get started now.

I have just about finished the reno to the shed and have built a small room to build my guitars.

I have managed to pick up a cheap dehumidifier so all I need to do now is get started.

Hopefully this week!