This blog is about the construction of my acoustic guitar kit and any other guitars that I decide to build I have built a couple of electrics but this is a big step,forward - I hope!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Build - Electrics this time

Well,its been a while but every thing else has taken over my time of late.

I did manage to build a 5 Watt valve amp in between painting and renovating the house.

Anyway I have had some plans to build a Strat Style guitar and a Thinline Tele for a while now.

In fact I have all the parts for the Strat for a while now, but I will probably concentrate on the thinline for the start.

The body of the Thinline will be Queensland maple with Tassie Blackwood top and back,Cream bindings and maple neck.

I am at the moment trying to decide on the colour of the hardware ,but I think I will wait till I get the Blackwood and see what Gold looks like with it.

I have started making up the Templates .I will take some pics and post them soon